Drive the postsynaptic neuron with synaptic potentials

1. Reset your simulator to obtain the default settings. The reset button is highlighted with the red box.

screen 1 reset

2. Change your settings as shown below. Settings that are different from the default settings are indicated with the red boxes.

screen3 settings

3. Run simulation

screen1 runSim

4. Watch and listen to the simulation. Consider the temporal relationship between the two active neurons. What happens when you decrease the peak amplitude of the synaptic potential? To vary the peak amplitude, click the Circuit tab and vary the Synapse 1 to Post peak indicated in 2 above.

simulation 1

5. Increase the time constant of the synaptic potentials and simulate again. What happens in the simulation? Is the second spike as temporally precise as the first? Why or why not? (Think about action potential thresholds and the intrinsic excitability of the postsynaptic neuron.)

screen1 tausimulation 2